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Asics Gel Resolution 5 Mens Tennis Shoes

The Asics Gel Resolution 5 updates the top of the Asics tennis shoe line and offers excellent Gel cushioning based on Asics running shoe technology, with the lateral support and durability needed for tennis. Features gait-enhancing I.G.S., GEL Cushioning System, and an updated new Flexion Fit Upper for improved flexibility. Revised Trusstic System for added torsional rigidity and enhanced medial stability.

Color: Black/Blue/Silver

Midwest Sports only ships Asics products to domestic addresses in the U.S. and U.S. Territories.


  • Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.)-Enhances the foot's natural function and performance by linking the shoe's components.
  • Solyte 55 Midsole Material-Lighter than Asics' standard EVA and SpEVA, combined with improved cushioning and durability.
  • Heel and forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems-Attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases.
  • Flexion Fit Upper-Provides form-fitting comfort without sacrificing support.
  • PHF (Personal Heel Fit)-Memory foam lined heel collar molds to athletes heel, creating personalized fit.
  • Heel Clutching System - Exoskeletal heel counter provides improved support and creates improved heel fitting environment.
  • PGuard toe protection for added toe durability.
  • AHAR rubber outsole for excellent durability.

    Average weight: 15.2 oz. (Mens 10.5)

  • Review Summary (Based on 36 Reviews)


    4 Stars

    from VA wrote (November 04, 2014):

    Shoes fits excellent and provides a solid footing

    5 Stars Great tenis shoes

    from CA wrote (October 11, 2014):

    This shoes look good, are comfortable from day one, they offer great support and (as if that was not enough), they last forever. I have used Adidas (I wore out the soles of the first ones, cannot tolerate the second ones as they are super stiff), Nike Vapor 9 (awesome but lasted less than 6 months, Yonex (same as Nikes). So far the Asics are my favorites. On top of that, you can get fantastic deals on this color. I got my first pair for $89 and the second for less than $80!

    5 Stars Best Performance Shoe Available

    from CA wrote (October 10, 2014):

    Coming from numerous Nike shoes and Adidas shoes, this is the most comfortable and well fitted shoe Ive purchased.

    3 Stars Res5

    from MN wrote (July 19, 2014):

    Looks great, comfortable but-sole is too hard. Not able to get the squeak like in the res4. Have tripped on court twice now with these shoes. Bottom of sole is completely flat. Outside of big toes get red when playing in these shoes, so, will wear around town but not on court. Wish I would have bought more 4's. They were the best ever.

    5 Stars Excellent shoe.

    from NJ wrote (July 11, 2014):

    Great shoe. No need to break in. Great cushion. The only negative about the shoes is the lateral support, I noticed my foot/ankle tend to invert when i stop then move sideways thus increasing the risk of ankle inversion sprain. But overall when it comes to comfort it's a great shoe. These shoes are highly recommended players who suffer from foot pain especially on the soles due to playing long hours.

    5 Stars Great Shoes

    from CA wrote (May 29, 2014):

    Ordered another pair of Gel Resol. #5's. If like the previous pairs I've purchased, no break-in time needed. Will hit the courts right out of the box. Went with blue this time. Love the color choices.

    5 Stars Very Good Shoe

    from NC wrote (May 20, 2014):

    Most comfortable and supportive tennis shoes I have had. Previously tried Adidas, Nike, New Balance but the comfort of this shoe excels. The heel cushioning is fantastic for me. Initially some medial ankle skin soreness due to the cushioning but that resolved after a while. Biggest complaint is that the shoe tongue will slip on me and I frequently need to adjust it. Otherwise. I will purchase another pair soon.

    5 Stars Asics Gel Res 5 Mens

    from NH wrote (May 11, 2014):

    Both my wife and I purchased the Res 5's - Love them, comfy, support, durable, great traction, good far these are best tennis hard court options out there...the pros know too

    5 Stars Asics GR5

    from FL wrote (May 11, 2014):

    The GR5s are a great all around shoe. They are comfortable out of the box and really no break in required. They provide excellent support and are on the lighter side for a tennis shoe. Durability is pretty good. There are other shoes out there that are more durable but to me the GR5s are the best all around. I really can't complain about the durability because they come with a 6 month outsole warranty. Fantastic shoe!

    5 Stars TennisPlayer

    from MA wrote (May 07, 2014):

    Since 2005, I was introduced to ASICS from a friend who plays tennis a lot. ASICS tennis shoes are the best. The comfortable Gel Resolutions are excellent shoes. I have purchased over 20 pairs during the last 7 years. In addition, I'd the six months warranty as well. I love ASCIS Company for such warranty. I'd also introduced to several friends in the Tennis group. They love ASICS shoes. We played everyday, 3 hours each evening out door. Except those raining days and winter cold/snow- then we played indoors.

    5 Stars Like expected

    from NC wrote (April 30, 2014):

    I've been playing in the Resolution series since the 2's, and the new version is near what I expected. This rendition breaks in a little faster than the 4's.

    5 Stars amazing

    from KS wrote (April 30, 2014):

    very comfortable and flexible. good for people who have wide feet. and they are pretty durable. i play aggressively, sliding and dragging the toe alot. and it helps with the 6 month warranty. this shoe is worth the price

    4 Stars More on this shoe

    from GA wrote (April 20, 2014):

    Update: For those accustomed to a wider shoe, these come in one width only but that is perfect for me. I used a wider shoe from another company in the past. Toe box is not cramped for me at all. If you have special insoles as I do, you can easily swap them out with the ones that come with the shoe. Lace holes are secure and not prone to wear as some other shoes.

    5 Stars Excellent Tennis Shoe

    from GA wrote (April 20, 2014):

    I bought these because of the two reviews that addressed a problem with plantar fasciitis. I concur that these have been the best shoes I have purchased in the year and a half that I have dealt with pf. I can walk with no pain at all in these shoes. In another week, if I get a green light from the podiatrist, I will try them on the tennis court. For the record, I have tried four other types of tennis shoes in the past year off the tennis court. So far these are a major plus.

    5 Stars Great fitting

    from OR wrote (April 19, 2014):

    No break in is required, which is rare for me. They have room in the toe box. I am able to move well in them. Great shoe.

    5 Stars Great shoe

    from CA wrote (April 17, 2014):

    Great comfort, low profile, feels secure but not stiff. Well padded. Have worn Barricade, Babolat, K-Swiss and like these best. Good looking shoe. 6-month warranty so two pairs only cost about $50 each.

    5 Stars the best

    from NJ wrote (April 07, 2014):

    comfortable right out of the box, as well as stable on the court.

    5 Stars Great Transition

    from MO wrote (April 04, 2014):

    I have always worn Adidas to play tennis. Over the last 18-months I have dealt with plantar fasciitis and peroneal tendinitis in both feet. A pal from my USTA team told me how his knee pain went away almost overnight when he switched to the Gel Resolution. I did a lot of research on this shoe and competitors, and found them to be very comfortable when first putting them on. The first time playing took no break-in, and after three matches and a few drill sessions later I feel like I have found my future footwear. Such a light yet stable body, the sole really grabs the hardcourt surface - all while allowing the natural movement of my feet. I have had no issues with pain during play so that is always a plus. I am a fan.

    4 Stars Excellent shoes

    from CA wrote (April 02, 2014):

    I am a 4.0 double player, play 5 times a week. Own 2 pairs of Resolution 4. For apple to apple comparison, prefer Resolution 4 better. Both models offers great comfort, support and tracking. However, mid sole for Res-5 out of box feels slightly high and less comfortable as Res-4. Need to wear and play on court to further comment. Both models run 1/2 size bigger than normal. Since Res-4 is history now, so will purchase Res-5 when time comes.

    5 Stars Best for Me

    from CA wrote (December 18, 2013):

    Have tried other brands/models from Wilson and Adidas, but the Asics work best for me in regard to fit, wear, and comfort.

    4 Stars Good shoes

    from CA wrote (December 16, 2013):

    I give these 4 stars because I don't think they are worth $129.95. I was able to buy them for about $80, which was a great deal. The shoes are comfortable and feel very stable. What I'm not crazy about is the sole, which is much harder than my previous shoes (Nike vapor). If I could choose between the Nikes and these ones, I think I would go with the Nikes. However, I have the feeling that these will last a lot longer.

    5 Stars Asics Resolution 5 even better

    from MD wrote (December 15, 2013):

    I was a little worried that the Asics 5 shoe would not compare to the 4's. The 4's were my first purchase of Acis's shoes after many years of all the top flight Nike's. The 4's were the best tennis shoe I have ever worn period, So I was skeptical about the 5's and they are even better. This was one encore I liked. Most of the time we all die that the updated shoe does not even come close to the previous model and they messed up a good thing and our search starts all over again. I applaud Asic for outdoing themselves. You will not be disappointed in this one. So plans for a 6-I will be afraid all over again-lol....but hope for a repeat performance.

    5 Stars Nice fit

    from CA wrote (October 31, 2013):

    I'm so happy I got this new pair of shoes perfect fit!!!!

    5 Stars Asics gel 5 tennis shoes

    from FL wrote (October 30, 2013):

    Better than all the rest.

    5 Stars Huge Surprise!!

    from TN wrote (October 23, 2013):

    I was sold on Adidas barricade for years. I will have to say it was tough to make the plunge to buy try something different, but I am glad I did. I just played a competitive 4.4/5.0 singles match with these shoes right out of the box and loved them. I always bought the Barricade a1/2 size larger for toe room I did not have to do that with these. The 10.5 enough toe room to keep my toenails in check. I had to retie them up a couple of times during the match but once I settled in my feet felt great. After a 2 hours battle on the court the shoes gripped well and I felt light on my feet. Overall I love them. I bought 2 pairs.

    5 Stars Amazing confort and great support

    from CA wrote (October 17, 2013):

    I have recently a Adidas Barricade 8 prior to this order but when I receive my Asics Gel Resolution 5 Mens Tennis Shoes and start wearing them to play tennis I did did feel a big difference. I do really recommend this shoe 100%. You will get a great experience wearing them.

    4 Stars Have worn since the 3s

    from IL wrote (October 14, 2013):

    I haven't actually started wearing the 5s because I still have some 4s that I'm working through. Just bought 2x of the 5s to have ready to go and were on sale. I expect these to be no less than equal to the previous generations. Love the support and cushioning. Fit for me is excellent compared to other brands. I wear Asics running shoes as well.

    4 Stars Asics Revolution 5

    from TX wrote (October 13, 2013):

    Very comfortable shoe, but is too loose on the fore foot. I have very narrow feet and have difficulty getting the snug feeling I get from Adidas Barricade 6 and older.

    5 Stars Don't let all the fancy terminology scare you

    from CA wrote (October 13, 2013):

    Yesterday I played my first competitive match in my new Asics Gel Resolution 5 tennis shoes. The shoes were great right out of the box. I've been a New Balance customer for many years and thought it was time to try something new. The Asics Gel Resolution is everything I had hoped for and more. Comfortable, stable, attractive and priced right thru Midwest Sports clearance shoe sale. The manufacturers description talks about gait enhancement, flexon fit, trusstic systems, enhanced medial stability, etc. Not sure what all that means; however, these shoes feel good, look good and make me run faster and jump higher. All good things. Try them, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    5 Stars Great shoes

    from NJ wrote (October 01, 2013):

    Great shoes, feel light and good to wear on the court. Specially good for quick movement.

    5 Stars Comfort and Stability

    from NC wrote (September 23, 2013):

    Awesome shoes. Comfortable out of the box, and stable. Feel much lighter than they are. Toe box area is loose for wider forefoot but not enough to cause sliding.

    4 Stars Asics Gel Res 5

    from IL wrote (September 20, 2013):

    Likes: comfortable, relatively lightweight, stable Dislikes: eyelet area was a bit tough at first, but broke in after a couple hours

    5 Stars Great shoe!

    from CO wrote (September 18, 2013):

    I've been playing with these shoes all summer, and I like them better than a variety of other brand name shoes at about the same price point that I've worn in the past. I think my footwork is better.

    4 Stars Great upgrade from Prince

    from OR wrote (September 17, 2013):

    I have worn Prince shoes for years and loved them, however, I tried Asics Gel Resolution tennis shoes and I am glad I did. They offer great support, are light, and wear very well. I just ordered my 3rd pair. And the colors are awesome!

    5 Stars plantar fasciitis cure

    from MI wrote (June 04, 2013):

    I had been dealing with a case of plantar fasciitis for about 4 months. Every time I played tennis it really flared up and I could barely walk the next day. I took some time off and before I tried to play again decided to try a new shoe. One of the sales reps at Midwest sports recommended this shoe without hesitation. I've played 3 times now for 2 hours nor more in less than a week and have absolutely no pain.

    5 Stars Best Tennis Shoe To-Date

    from CA wrote (April 29, 2013):

    Wore tennis shoe for the last month on the court. Most comfortable tennis shoes ever experienced, excellent foot support for quick movement, and comparable to other first line shoes in other aspects. Looks are outstanding/noticeable with positive comments from other players.

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