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Head Intelligence iS12 Tennis Racquet

A lightweight legend returns! The Head Intelligence i.S12 features one of the lightest swingweights and static weights available, which allows for great maneuverability and racquet head speed. Head heavy balance and wide open string pattern ensures that ample power and stability are readily available also.

Heads Intellifiber (integrated on both sides of the throat area) created from piezoelectric materials, has breakthrough new properties which make them extraordinarily unique and different from traditional materials
Energy Transformation: Using the mechanical energy of ball impact and converting - in less than a millisecond - into electrical energy.
Controllable Shape Change: An electrical impulse actively changes the shape of the Intellifibers for more stiffness.
The Power Benefit: In less than the first millisecond of ball impact, Head Intellifibers stiffen and reduce bending in the throat area for unmatched power in current racquet design. No matter how strong the material, a traditional racquet will still bend upon ball impact. This bending causes a loss of potential power.
The Dampening Benefit: Unlike mechanical energy, electrical energy does not create vibrations. Therefore, 20% of the vibrations are immediately eliminated upon ball impact for optimum comfort.

An innovative cross-section design featuring dual rounded bubbles in the throat and shaft area of the racquet, reducing weight by 6% and increasing torsional rigidity by 27%.
Benefit: Because of its light weight and stiffness, Head?s PowerFrame increases torsional stability for less torque and twist providing optimum control and reduces weight maneuverability.

Head?s perfectly symmetrical PowerPattern with equal distance between all main and cross strings, creates the world?s only stringbed that deflects this deeply and consistently upon ball impact. The PowerPattern featuring patented PowerZone grommets, allows the strings to deflect by more than 180% compared to conventional grommets and string patterns.
Benefit: PowerPattern provides ultimate power and maximum sweetspot along with outstanding directional control because of its consistent response no matter where the ball hits on the stringbed - Perfect Power!

Note: This racquet is pre-strung with Head Synthetic Gut 16 at Head's recommended tension of 61 lbs.
  • Headsize: 115 sq. in.
  • Length: 28.00 in.
  • Weight (strung): 8.20 oz.
  • Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 71
  • Balance: 15.26 in. Head Heavy
  • Cross Section: 27mm Straight Beam
  • Swingweight: 288 kg*sq. cm
  • String Pattern: 14x17
  • Grip: Head ComforTac
  • Review Summary (Based on 24 Reviews)


    5 Stars Head iS12

    from MI wrote (July 10, 2015):

    Been using for years. Good power with minimal effort. Very forgiving on mishits too.

    5 Stars Head IS12

    from NY wrote (June 15, 2015):

    I preferred the IS10 but can't find it so I'tried the 12. Almost no diff between the 2 except it is 1/4" longer. Played with the Intelligence "Control" strings, much better than the power strings, as the raquet has plenty of power. Strung at 62 is all you need.

    from NY wrote (April 19, 2015):

    Racket plays as expected, had played with one this past winter. Like the light weight, and feel of racket. Dealing with Midwest sports a good experience.

    5 Stars Perfect

    from MD wrote (March 17, 2015):

    I bought this racquet for my wife who had a 9 year old Head Ti that she loved. She has been experiencing elbow pain and this appeared to have all the attributes I was looking for. It is super light weight but the rebound feels smooth as if you were hitting with a much heavier racquet. Great sweet spot allows high speed generation with control and her elbow pain went away. I have no idea if others will get the same results but for her this was the perfect choice.

    5 Stars IS12

    from wrote (January 05, 2015):

    Bought another four (04) for TPSA co team players. Proven to be an excellent racquet. no problems.

    5 Stars Great Racket

    from IL wrote (October 17, 2014):

    Light weight with lots of power !! I am a 4.0 player and I play a lot of doubles . At this time I own 6 of these Rackets. Easy on the arm .

    5 Stars

    from OH wrote (September 16, 2014):

    Looooove this racquet!!! Light but powerful. Bought two.

    5 Stars Review Head Intellis Si 12

    from AL wrote (August 30, 2014):

    The shape of the head seem to facilitate clean stroke reproduction. Good maneuverability on volleys. I have three other Head Intellis 12s. I use the recommended strings strung at 55 lbs. I play 3.5 USTA League tennis, mostly doubles

    5 Stars uniquely perfect

    from WA wrote (July 22, 2014):

    I have crossed all the top rackets,and the iS12 has the best feel,swing,response. In doubles one needs a quick reflex and sweetspot. This racket has that. No more trying out all the latest styles.

    4 Stars Is.12

    from CA wrote (June 09, 2014):

    light and good power. spin control is average. i would recommend this to beginners and intermediate players.

    4 Stars good value, ... but

    from wrote (January 09, 2014):

    Racquet feels good and solid. Powerful & light. Negative is that it is prone to string breaking. Have it for 6 months and already restrung twice.

    5 Stars Best Racquet for Club Player

    from MD wrote (December 31, 2013):

    I have used many racquets in the past 30 years. This one is the best for a middle aged 3.5-4 club player. It has great power, especially if you use the Head Intelligence hybrid strings that come with it. It is great for your arm. But the best thing about it is that it has a natural tendency to keep the ball low so that powerful shots do not tend to go long. It also has good spin. I have seen tennis buffs talk about staying away from light racquets, this one is super light at 9oz strung, for lack of "plow through". this is total baloney, the graphite and piezo electric material of the racquet creates tremendous whip when you swing it and puts great pop in the ball, yet great control.

    5 Stars Head Intelligence IS12

    from CA wrote (December 14, 2013):

    This is a racket that can improve a 3.5-4.0 players game. Light and powerful with great control. I have tried newer trends in various rackets and keep coming back to this open string pattern. Best of both worlds. Control and Power.

    5 Stars Is.12 Power Frame

    from wrote (August 01, 2013):

    Very Nice Racquet ! "Power Pattern provides ultimate power and maximum sweet spot along with outstanding directional control because of its consistent response no matter where the ball hits on the string bed - Perfect Power!"

    5 Stars

    from RI wrote (July 28, 2013):

    Was using a Wilson Hyper Hammer. The Head has good power and better control.

    4 Stars Very good buy.

    from AZ wrote (May 27, 2013):

    Extremely lightweight and maneuverability with adequate power. Good firm feel on ground stokes and volleys. Good racket. Great value.

    5 Stars Great Racquet

    from TX wrote (May 08, 2013):

    This is the best Racquet that I have ever used. Senior Player that plays 3 times each week. The Racquet has power without the trampoline effect. Love the solid feel , light weight and extra length and size.

    4 Stars Head Intelligence iS12

    from TX wrote (May 05, 2013):

    Nice lightweight racquet with great power and design. Only drawback is that the strings snap earlier than on other racquets due to the tension.

    5 Stars I love it...

    from OH wrote (April 24, 2013):

    Working toward 4.0 and love this racquet. Light and still gives me plenty of power.

    5 Stars Great Racquet

    from Arkansas wrote (February 05, 2013):

    Light but good control! I like it so much.


    from Michigan wrote (January 13, 2013):

    Very quick shipping. And best of all, its free. Thanks Midwest!

    5 Stars timely response

    from DC wrote (November 11, 2012):

    Quick response, value priced, timely delivery with tracking number.

    5 Stars is12

    from Ohio wrote (October 04, 2012):

    Great racquet to have - very light but delivers power and control. Excellent for serve and volley players. The only neg. is you will encounter strings breaking more frequently than other racquets. Even so, I hope they don't stop making this racquet!

    5 Stars Intelligent Power

    from Indiana wrote (September 11, 2012):

    This light racquet is has great power and is incredibly light. This is perfect for a quick response at the net in doubles. I used the Head TiS6 prior to this and found better control with the iS12. I use Luxion Big Banger ALU strings @ 56 lbs.

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