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Kirschbaum Super Smash Honey 17G REEL

660 Feet (200m)

1.25mm diameter-17 gauge

The Kirschbaum Super Smash line is a polyester tennis string which has been popular with the professional tennis players throughout the world for more than ten years. On the basis of continuous, innovative developments the Super Smash line meets the enormously more stringent requirements of modern tennis.

A decisive step forward from 1996 on will be the reduction of the colour percentage by 90% with the Honey coloured pigments. The resultant more homogeneous molecular structure ensures improved technical values and softer handling. To sum up: Super Smash quality differs strikingly from the other standard polyester strings.

  • More top-spin and slice.
  • Ball acceleration and power.
  • Ball control and precison.
  • No slip on longitudinal and cross strings.
  • Durable-more service life.
  • Individuality in 7 diameters.
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