Courtmaster PVC Open Mesh Polyester (6 ft X 60 ft)

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Open Mesh -- 80% Opacity

One of the industrys best values. Made of 7.5 oz. vinyl-coated polyester. 3.5 ply hems include an 18 oz. vinyl tape insert for added strength. Brass grommets spaced every 12" along perimeter for a professional looking installation.

2 Year Warranty

DIMENSIONS: 6ft X 60ft

Available in Black.

Windscreens are a functional and aesthetic addition to your tennis courts. They provide a dark backdrop against which players can see and react to ball movement better. They serve to break up gusting winds and allow consistent, even air flow. Windscreens minimize annoying distractions from nearby swimming pools, parking lots, highways, and players on adjacent courts. They give courts a professional appearance and increase playing pleasure by providing a consistent background and color.

With today's various windscreen materials, the decision regarding which one to use should be based primarily on cost and aesthetic considerations rather than on wind reduction because all windscreens work well to break up gusting winds.

Another consideration is how dense a windscreen can be installed without risking fence damage from strong winds. Nine-foot windscreens are recommended for nearly all courts, and they should include anti-billow tabs as well as 6" x 12" openings placed 5' to 10' apart. Six-foot windscreens generally do not reduce wind as well as, nine foot windscreens. They should only be used if the facilities are located near the water with very strong winds, which would destroy fences with 9' windscreens attached.

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