Forten *HYBRID* Aramid Gear - Sweet Syn Gut

Forten *HYBRID* Aramid Gear - Sweet Syn Gut
Players wanting more durability without sacrificing good spin and control will love Aramid GEAR. The Aramid GEAR main string combines the tremendous durability of Aramid with the revolutionary sharp gear teeth that bite the ball and create unbelievable spin and control. The cross string is SWEET 16, our most playable all court tournament gauge string. This combination will provide you with a long lasting bonus of quality tennis.

    Forten Ratings:
  • Power: 7.0
  • Control: 9.0
  • Playability: 6.5
  • Durability: 10.0
  • Spin Potential: 9.5
  • Tension Maintenance: 10.0
  • Length: Mains-22ft. (6.7m), Crosses-20ft.(6.5m)
  • Gauge: Mains-15G Teeth/17G Core, Crosses-16G
Forten *HYBRID* Aramid Gear - Sweet Syn Gut
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