Pacific *HYBRID* PolyGut Blend 17

Pacific *HYBRID* PolyGut ATP Blend 17
Pacific PolyGut ATP Blend hybrid is a combination of Tough Gut 17 and Poly Force 17L to offer the ultimate mix of playability and durability from Pacific. Tough Gut features Triple Seal Technology, a unique system which increases the playability, durability, and at the same time reduces tension loss. According to Pacific, Triple Seal Technology offers 35% more durability and 75% more humidity protection versus other natural gut brands. Outstanding rebound, ball control, and arm comfort. Made in New Zealand.
Pacific PolyForce 17L is a high-tech polyester string that is extremely durable yet provides excellent playability in the same vein as Luxilon ALU Power. High modulus polyester with an extra second coating process provides optimum rebound and minimal tension loss.

  • Length: 21 ft. (6.5m) Poly Force 17L/20 ft. Tough Gut 17
  • Gauge: 17L (1.24mm) Poly Force/17 Tough Gut

    Pacific is the #1 rated natural gut string by the USRSA!
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    Pacific *HYBRID* PolyGut ATP Blend 17

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