Prince Grip Plus Grip Enhancer

Prince Grip Plus Grip Enhancer
This new lotion comes in a compact, no clog bottle with the performance benefits of original PrinceGrip.
  • Enhances grip for all sports.
  • Quick drying - improves grip 75-100% in 60 seconds.
  • Not sticky or tacky - repels moisture.
  • Won?t harm clothing - washes off with soap and water.
  • Non toxic, biodegradable, citrus fragrance.
  • Less than 10 cents per application.


5 Stars

Kristine from LA on 9/8/2014 12:00:00 AM wrote:

Works better than expected

Sweaty palms? No problem.

5 Stars

Duncan Tennis Dan from FL on 11/4/2013 12:00:00 AM wrote:

My wife, my student, hits the ball nicely for an hour but her racket starts twisting once the sweat starts to build up. Towels don't help nor does a new tacky overgrip. Firming her grip helps but just a little bit because of off center shots. This Prince hand/grip powder though once applied to her hand allowed her to keep her racket from further twisting and gaining back full control of her shots have made her enjoy many hours in the court. She calls this her magic powder.

Need it!

5 Stars

Monica Rolater from Texas on 9/18/2012 12:00:00 AM wrote:

In Texas it is HOT! You need a grip enhancer that works! This product is perfect. It was sold out all over town, so I purchased 5 from MW. NEVER stop carrying this product!

Prince Grip Plus Grip Enhancer
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  • 5 Star