Tennis: Winning the Mental Game Book by Robert Weinberg, Ph.D

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Have You Ever:

  • Lost a match you felt you should have won?
  • Lost your concentration due to a mistake or error?
  • Had your confidence go up and down in a match or between matches?
  • Gotten too uptight and nervous and choked away a match you were about to win.?

    If you have ever had any of these things happen to you then Tennis:Winning the Mental Game is just what you need to read. Expert and successful tennis coaches, players, and sport psychologists have found this practical, hands-on research-to-practice book to be an excellent tool in understanding and building mental toughness in tennis players of all ages and ability levels as evidenced by the following comment:

    'This is the most practical "psychology of tennis" book I?ve ever read. I recommend it for all levels of tennis enthusiasts who want to gain a mental advantage.
    Kevin Burke, Ph.D Sport Psychologist and former NCAA Division I Tennis Coach

    184 pages.


    • Foreword by Billie Jean King
    • Chapter 1: The Mental Side of Tennis: Why is it so important?
    • Chapter 2: Mental States of Successful Tennis Players
    • Chapter 3: Assessing and Improving Commitment
    • Chapter 4: Motivation Through Effective Goal-Setting
    • Chapter 5: Confidence
    • Chapter 6: Understanding and Managing Your Emotions
    • Chapter 7: Imagery
    • Chapter 8: Concentration
    • Chapter 9: Self-Talk
    • Chapter 10: Mental Preparation
    • Chapter 11: Psychology of Match Play
    • Chapter 12: Parents and Young Tennis Players
    Dr. Robert Weinberg, an internationally recognized sport psychologist, has been a leader in his field and its application to tennis for more than 20 years. He has conducted hundreds of workshops on mental training for tennis around the world and is one of the most prolific writers in the field of sport psychology. Dr. Weinberg is currently a ranked tournament player and consults with tennis players of all ages and levels.
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