Yonex EZONE Ai 98 Lite Tennis Racquet

Yonex EZONE AI 98 Lite Tennis Racquet
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Yonex EZONE Ai 98 Lite is a revolutionary frame that minimizes wind resistance to produce an ultra-fast swing. This racquet offers a little more maneuverability than the heavier EZONE Ai 98 frame. Features Isometric technology with an improved shockless grommet system, expanding the sweet spot and reducing the frame vibration. The Isometric head shape maximizes the head size allowing ultimate swing speed and consistent power for off centered hits. New "Nanometric" material designed to improve the bonding strength between carbon fibers at the center and bottom of the frame, reducing the weight shift from the bottom to the top of the frame. This trans-weight system results in a racquet head that reacts faster for quicker maneuverability. The "Dual Shut System" technology improves comfort and control featuring shockless grommets at the bottom of the frame reducing impact vibration. "Quake Shut Gel" embedded inside the grip, removes any discomfort from the frame.

The EZONE Ai 98 Lite is optimal for the intermediate to advanced player with a faster swing looking for an excellent control oriented stick. Extra forgiveness from the 98 square inch head without diminishing the feel thanks to a thin 23/24/19mm tapered beam. Great comfort and control with every shot thanks to the new Dual Shut System. Maintains the feel of a larger sweetspot than its 98 square inch headsize would suggest, feeling solid yet forgiving. Lighter frame than the EZONE Ai 98

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  • Durability: Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125
  • Playability: Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro

  • Headsize: 98 sq. in.
  • Length: 27.00 in.
  • Weight (strung): 10.60 oz.
  • Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 64
  • Balance: 13.50 in. Even Balanced
  • Cross Section: 23/24/19mm Tapered Beam
  • Swingweight: 311 kg*sq. cm
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Grip: Yonex Synthetic
  • Reviews

    Too light

    4 Stars

    John from CO on 8/5/2016 12:00:00 AM wrote:

    I took demos of both this racquet and the regular 98 version. I have to say that this racquet seemed to be slightly too light for me. After I adjusted the weight a little, I was able to play much better with it. At that point, though, I felt as though I could just get the regular version with no adjustments to be fully satisfied. Regardless, this racquet felt stable from the baseline and net and had great control. I would say that you have to swing pretty fast to get the results you want. This racquet will not do the work for you! One thing I loved about this racquet is that it seemed to improve my serve. I was able to add about 7-10 mph with greater accuracy. Definitely recommend trying this frame.

    Very light

    4 Stars

    jamie goetz from WV on 11/4/2014 12:00:00 AM wrote:

    Still demo - ing but so far this is my favorite

    Ai98 Lite

    5 Stars

    bachhaus from CA on 2/8/2014 12:00:00 AM wrote:

    The Ai 98 lite is a more control-oriented Babolat AeroPro Drive.

    Yonex EZONE AI 98 Lite Tennis Racquet
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    Yonex EZONE Ai 98 Lite Tennis Racquet

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