Learn How to Play Tennis

Mastering the game of tennis requires a keen understanding of equipment and apparel, plus a firm grasp of tennis rules, scoring, and techniques. For tennis beginners, this knowledge is a necessary foundation for success on the court. Here you’ll find the Midwest Sports Information Center—a library of videos, eBooks, and guides that will help players of all ages and skill levels learn to play tennis. From general tennis tips to choosing the right tennis racquet, we’ve got the whole game covered.

Tennis Tips & Instructional Videos

Midwest Sports’ tennis instruction videos feature insightful tips from experienced tennis professional Peter Freeman. You’ll learn the ins and outs of textbook forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, tucks, draws, drops, tips, and more. In these video tennis lessons, Peter outlines all the basic techniques beginners should master, while clearing up any myths and misconceptions along the way. Check out our instructional tennis videos today and put your newest tennis equipment and apparel to good use!

Choosing the Right Tennis Equipment

Here you’ll find informative tennis gear guides from Midwest Sports, including expert buying advice for tennis shoes, racquets, tennis balls, and other equipment. Whether you’re new to the sport or simply looking to upgrade your old gear, we’ve got you covered with insider knowledge and beginner tennis tips you can rely on. These tennis buying guides will help you choose the best gear for your skillset and ensure you’re ready to hit the court. Check out our guides today!

Tennis for Beginners (Free eBook)

If you’ve yet to step on the court, our free eBook for tennis beginners is the best place to read up on all the tennis rules, techniques, and equipment you’ll need to be familiar with from day one. Confused about tennis scoring? Intimidated by overhand serves? Looking for a glossary of tennis terms? This book will get you up to speed with easy-to-follow advice and instruction concerning gear and apparel, plus all the basic techniques: the grip, serve, forehand, backhand, and volley. Download our free eBook to read in your browser, e-reader, or mobile device!