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Pojie Racquet Performance Extensions 4 Count

Pojie racquet performance extensions maximize your performance and minimize stress on ones joints. These extensions have been proven to increase spin, improve control, and simultaneously absorb impact for greater comfort. The lightweight design adds only 1.8 grams to your racquet. The Pojie compression core is designed to attenuate the initial peak force from ball impact, reducing the probability of joint injury over time. That means even when strung 2 to 4 lbs tighter, a tennis racquet with Pojie extensions can provide the reduced vibration of a lower tension racquet while giving you the control characteristics of a higher tension racquet.


  • larger sweet spot
  • More spin
  • Improved control
  • May reduce chronic joint pain
  • 4 piece
  • If the racquet has six string holes at the throat of the frame, place the first Pojie unit between 1LM and 1RM. If the racquet has eight string holes at the throat place the first Pojie unit between 1LM and 2LM and 1RM and 2RM.
  • Tension the strings as usual to seat the Pojie against the racquet frame over the stock grommet.
  • Repeat this process until all loops at the throat are filled.
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