4 Stars Eats Strings

from OH on 7/21/2015 12:00:00 AM wrote:

I bought 3 of these rackets for my daughter 2 weeks ago after a few demo days and she liked the feel. Moving away from Babolat AeroPro. Plus side - she can hit topspin forehands that jump above shoulder level of her opponents and can put a 2 to 3 foot sideways kick on American twist serve down the tee, getting large number of shank or mis-hit ground strokes and returns. Minus - going through strings like you can't believe. In the past 2 weeks at MW Open and 2 other tournaments she has gone through 6 sets of 16G Solinco Tour Bite on the mains and TNT on crosses. 6 sets of Volkl Cyclone 16G, on both crosses and mains, and 4 sets of Prince Warrior string in 15 days. 16 sets of string in 15 days. 5 times brand new string job has not lasted through the second set of a match. She loves the rackets, buying 2 more today, I hope the ESP won't be outlawed like the old Mike Fischback spaghetti rackets of the 1970's, due to how much spin you can impart on the ball. But, my fingers are wearing out, from continually reaching in my wallet to pay stringers. Considering piano wire or deep sea marlin, or tuna, 500 pound test, large game fishing line. Any suggestions?

5 Stars Great Spin!

from NY on 11/16/2013 12:00:00 AM wrote:

This racket adds significant spin to both backhand and forehand. Either you slice or use top spin you will notice a difference in your shots. My game is relatively flat with a slice backhand. When I do comeover the top I do notice a lot more spin. The racket is great for players looking to generate more spin on shots. I am transitioning from the EXO3 Black 100 to this racket. I notice more bite on my serves and fantastic on top spin lobs! The string I used is the Prince Tour XC 15L which is recommended. I like the black poly playability. I love this racket.

5 Stars Great topspin

from IL on 10/31/2013 12:00:00 AM wrote:

This racket added at least a foot of topspin to my hits and kick serve. I'm use to a lighter weight racket, but I had no problem adjusting. This HL racket feels light and maneuverable. I enjoyed demoing this racket. I currently, use an exo3 red 105, Exo3 Hornet 100, and some older 110 Prince rackets. I have a moderate to fast swing and play at a 3.5+ level.