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Replacement Racquet Bumper Guard and Grommet Set

Replacing your bumper guard grommet set can be pretty simple. First you have to remove the old bumper set. It would be very beneficial to you if you have a stringers awl and a pair of needle nose pliers to help remove the old grommets. You will also need these tools when installing the new bumper guard and grommet set. The awl is very beneficial to get some of the grommets through the holes, especially around the bends in the frame. You may also need a heat gun to heat the bumper guard so you can stretch it a little. This is very common with Babolat and also Dunlop racquets. Following these tips will make your life easier when replacing a grommet. This process depending on racquet brand should only take about 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please call us for us to walk you through the process.

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Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)


5 Stars

from CA wrote (July 30, 2015):

The grommets on our son's racquets were showing a lot of wear. Replacing w/ new grommets helps prevent further damage to the racquet. They fit the racquet perfectly.

5 Stars Nice Product

from OK wrote (June 30, 2015):

Item fits perfectly. Good price and fast shipping.

5 Stars Great purchase

from PA wrote (June 27, 2015):

Likes: fast shipping, good price, excellent quality Dislikes: babolat grommets can be difficult to replace.

5 Stars Babolat Grommetts

from HI wrote (September 01, 2014):

Great to replace and protect racquets Babolat grommetts are difficult to replace because of poor design ( 2 pieces)

5 Stars Yonex RD Ti80 grommet set

from CA wrote (August 08, 2014):

Midwest often still have grommet sets available for racquets that have been out of production for a few years. I was looking for grommets for the discontinued Yonex RD Ti80 and they had them in stock still.

4 Stars Good product

from IN wrote (May 01, 2014):

Likes: Price, color(I didn't like the clear color), performance Dislike: None I play 7 days a week so I replace my grommets almost every month. The Babolat grommet sets are great.

5 Stars New grommets are a must

from NY wrote (January 25, 2014):

When restringing consider new grommets especially when cracked and worn. Changing them will preserve your racket and improve its playability making it feel new again.

3 Stars

from HI wrote (October 18, 2013):

Not a fan of the clear grommets. I definitely think the black ones are better and don't break apart as fast. Next time I'll make sure I order those instead.

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Replacement Racquet Bumper Guard and Grommet Set

Replacement Racquet Bumper Guard and Grommet Set


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