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Tennis Skills and Drills Book by Joey Rive

Solid groundstrokes, a confident net game, a dictating serve, a sharp return game, and specialty shots for every situation—build your game from the ground up with the techniques and shots that are essential for success in today’s versatile and powerful game. Combine that with winning tactics for singles and doubles, and Tennis Skills & Drills is your blueprint for taking your game to the next level.

Start with assessing the basic techniques for the various strokes and see how you can improve your footwork, grip choices, and swing patterns. Then increase your options with spins, angles, and depth. Complete instruction for all of the strokes along with over 110 practice drills is like having your own personal coach.

Since your technique is only as effective as your tactics, the book also covers the key tactical principles and game plans for maximizing your strengths while minimizing your opponent’s. You’ll learn to prepare for, adapt to, and counter every style of play.

Whether your goal is to beat your favorite playing partner or to win the next league, state, or national title, Tennis Skills & Drills is your guide to mastering the game.


  • Chapter 1: Forehand Skills
  • Chapter 2: Backhand Skills
  • Chapter 3: Forehand and Backhand Drills
  • Chapter 4: Serve Skills
  • Chapter 5: Return Skills
  • Chapter 6: Serve and Return Drills
  • Chapter 7: Net Skills
  • Chapter 8: Specialty Skills
  • Chapter 9: Net and Specialty Drills
  • Chapter 10: Singles Strategy and Drills
  • Chapter 11: Doubles Strategy and Drills
  • 263 pages
  • Review Summary (Based on 1 Reviews)


    5 Stars Outstanding

    from CA wrote (February 03, 2014):

    The book is a must have to every tennis player around the worl, really practical and easy to understand.

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