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Thorlo TX-13 Crew Tennis Socks (Level 3)

ThorLo TX-13 tennis socks feature high-density padding in the ball and heel of the foot, providing protection against concussion while it absorbs shock from heavy foot strikes on hard court surface. TX version in crew length.

Low density padding over the toe protects against abrasion caused by sudden starts, stops, and lateral movements.

Low-density padding in the arch provides the protection and comfort needed for those long matches.

A flat knit instep provides less bulk, better shoe fit, and allows for rapid moisture evaporation.

ThorLo TX-13 socks offer Level 3 protection for maximum cushioning.

TX Fiber Contents:

  • 88% Thor-Lon acrylic
  • 10% stretch nylon
  • 2% spandex

Fits Mens Shoe Sizes: 9 - 12.5
Fits Ladies Shoe Sizes: 10.5 - 13

Review Summary (Based on 14 Reviews)


5 Stars Best socks

from wrote (June 20, 2015):

Best socks for tennis - thick & cushy, wear extremely well, wash & dry nicely. Absorbs perspiration quickly!

5 Stars socks

from FL wrote (June 08, 2015):

have tried other tennis socks, and have gone back to Thorlo. More cushioned, feels great in the sneakers

5 Stars These socks

from MA wrote (May 23, 2015):

These socks are the best for tennis and I now I wear them all the time because of the cushioning. They wear longer than anything else I've tried.

Best Socks

from NJ wrote (May 22, 2015):

Great socks, let you play in confort for hours

5 Stars Best Socks Ever

from NJ wrote (April 18, 2015):

These are the best socks for tennis. Great cushion on your feet.

5 Stars Thorlo Socks

from NM wrote (October 13, 2014):

Best sock ever; comfortable, well made, long lasting, absorbent. Have played tennis in them for 20+ yrs. Highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried them.

5 Stars Can't play without them

from UT wrote (June 26, 2014):

I love these socks! Great cushioning. Luxurious feel. Long lasting. I play almost everyday. So I use each pair at least once a week. They usually last at least 6 months. And I've never had a blister when using them. They may cost a little more - but I say treat yourself. It'll be worth it.

5 Stars Great socks

from CA wrote (June 14, 2014):

I found the socks to be like walking on clouds. Soft, absorbent, good elasticity w/o being too tight. And, best of all, they last.

5 Stars Thorlo crew tennis socks

from OH wrote (April 26, 2014):

These socks are much better than what I'm used to. I'm upgrading to these from now on! Glad I bought these with my new shoes.

5 Stars Best Tennis Socks

from MD wrote (April 18, 2014):

Best cushioned socks on the market.

5 Stars Thorlo Tennis Socks

from NJ wrote (January 07, 2014):

These socks last long and are very well made. Highly recommend them.

5 Stars Tennis Socks

from SC wrote (October 24, 2013):

the comfort and durability are exceptional.

5 Stars Thorlo crew socks

from wrote (August 11, 2013):

These are simply my favorite socks - for any purpose .

5 Stars Tholo level 3 socks

from NJ wrote (December 03, 2012):

My tennis game is based on lots of court coverage with good lateral acceleration and redirection. I would Ho through regular sports socks where holes developed in the heel area but Thorlos have lasted longer and have been great for blister resistance and sweat wickering. In the long run these cost less as a result.

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