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Volkl Super G 9 Tennis Racquet

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Volkl's re-designed take on the Organix 9 series with this Super G model. This is a lighter weight frame offering an excellent blend of control from its thinner 22mm beam, in a player oriented frame.

The Organix 9 Super G features a classic Grommet Wrap System that offers more protection to the string, and stability to the racquet. This racquet features a firmer Black V-Sponse pin to provide a classic feel plus the addition of improved new speed grommets known as (Super G). Optispot technology which is a highly visual and contrasting optic field that helps the eye to focus on the hitting zone and keep your attention on the ball. Biofeel pin provides added comfort like never before. Enhanced feel and a springboard effect from the Organix material technology. Arm friendly Bio Sensor handle system provides an unmatched feel and a 15% increase in dampening. With a traditional 18x20 string pattern, you will have all of the control you could ask for from this frame. The Organix 9 Super G is a suitable choice for the intermediate to advanced player with a longer swing.

  • Headsize: 98 sq. in.
  • Length: 27.00 in.
  • Weight (strung): 11.40 oz.
  • Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 69
  • Balance: 12.95 in. Head Light
  • Cross Section: 23mm Straight Beam
  • Swingweight: 319 kg*sq. cm
  • String Pattern: 18x20
  • Grip: Volkl Synthetic
  • Organix Technology: Organix is high tech carbon nano tubes surrounded by cellulose fibers to give your racquet a springboard effect. Organix will be loaded up with kinetic energy during ball impact and will release it back immediately again. Due to extraordinary vibration absorbing properties, Organix gives your game 30% more dynamic power and handling.
  • Bio Sensor Technology: Bio Sensor is an active vibration dampening system which provides the player unmatched feel and a 15% increase in dampening. A pin is place with a mass at the end of the handle with the possiblity to "swing" against the initial vibrations. It eliminates vibrations, which have a negative influence on playability of racquet.
  • OptiSpot technology: Optispot is a visual support to hit the ball in the center of the sweet spot. It is a highly visual and contrasting optic field that helps the eye focus on the hitting zone and keep your attention on the ball. Elements of the same color shape or size, will be seen as one. With OptiSpot, the contrast between colors on the racquet, will form a visual center, allowing players eye to focus on the center of the string bed and pay closer attention to the ball.

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5 Stars demo with some lead

from IL wrote (February 22, 2014):

I added lead tape by wrapping it around the throat of the racquet (just above the grip) and covering it with the rubber band and counter balancing that with more lead at 2 and 10 O'Clock on the head. I like the raquet much heavier in the 12.7 ounce range, about 7 points headlight, strung tight with poly, 2 extra overgrips. Definite worth a try custom weighted for manly men. I am hitting a slice backhand that is pushing my opponents back. Drop shots are violent. Demo it with some extra lead in above mentioned spots.

Volkl Organix 9 Super G Tennis Racquet

Volkl Super G 9 Tennis Racquet

Item #: V14090

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