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    Midwest Sports Windscreen Quote Request
    * First Name: * Last Name:
    * School / Organization Name: * School / Organization Type:
    *Address 1: School Fed Tax ID:
    Address 2:  
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    Select The Grade(s) for Quote
    Windscreen 1 $.75 per sq/ft:  Yes
    Windscreen 2 $.68 per sq/ft:  Yes
    Windscreen 3 $.65 per sq/ft:  Yes
    Windscreen 4 $.60 per sq/ft:  Yes
    Windscreen Specifications
    Color: Green,Black or Blue
    Baseline Length: Quantity: do not include fence pole
    Sideline length: Quantity: do not include fence pole
    6 Foot Height:  yes no
    9 Foot Height:  yes no
    Door locations: Quantity: Please specify door(s) width
    Other Comments or requirements:
    Tie Wraps:  Yes  No
    Vents:  Yes  No | Decribe:
    Rope:  Yes  No
    S Hooks:  Yes  No
    Customization needed on order?:  Yes (Ex: logo screen printing, etc.) Describe: